Weight Loss A Common Trait in the Green Bay Packers Locker Room

Aaron Rodgers and Eddie Lacy both decided to go on strict diets this offseason to help get them better in shape before the new season kicks off in September. In 2014, Lacy played the entire season, rushed for 1,139 yards, and had nine touchdowns. This was the Lacy everyone, including myself, figured they would see on the gridiron in 2015. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Last season, he rushed only 700 yards and had only three touchdowns. Many people believed Lacy’s underperformance stemmed from him being overweight, which led to him having multiple injuries during the season.

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Aaron Rodgers and Eddie Lacy

After the Packers season ended in the second round of the NFC playoffs, the Packers’ head coach, Mike McCarthy, said that Lacy could not play at the weight he was at this season. Lacy heard the news and decided to address it during this offseason. When he returned to the off-season program he looked leaner and stronger than ever. He lost 15-18 pounds since the end of last season due to a strict P90X regimen. Lacy spent three months working under the founder of the P90X program to help get him in the best shape possible.

Many of the Green Bay Packers players were impressed with the progress their star running back has made, including Rodgers who said: “He looked good”. Obviously been doing a lot of P90X.”

With the influence of Lacy, and his good friend Tom Brady, Rodgers decided to join the weight loss training program as well. Currently, Rodgers is at his lowest weight (218) since 2007. Rodgers believes that eating healthier will help him extend his career in the long run. Rodgers was quoted saying,

“Through your eating, you can reduce inflammation because if you do research, you learn the different foods you eat can actually increase the inflammation in your body and especially in certain parts of your body”.  

He has cut out all dairy from his diet and is focusing on maintaining a mostly plant based diet, with the occasional red meat and chicken sprinkled in here and there.  Rodgers has also battled multiple knee injuries over the course of his career (including one this season) which have been severe enough to require surgery. He believes this new nutrition plan will aide in a faster recovery process, and get him on the field sooner rather than later.

Will these new nutrition plans lead to success for the Packers this season? As a die-hard Packers fan, I hope so. Is it football season yet? Go Packers!