The Best Green Bay Packers of All of Time:

The Green Bay Packers are a historical NFL franchise that has had a share of legends put on the green and yellow uniform. Hall of Fame Coach, Vince Lombardi instilled the winnings images in the franchise and it has been that way ever since. Here are some of the top Packers to ever put on a uniform.



Bart Starr:

Bart Starr is one of the best players Green Bay Packers History. Starr was able to lead the Packers to 5 NFL titles through 1961-1967. Not too bad, right? He compiled a 9-1 record through his career and had many clutch performances to go along with that impressive record of his. Bart Starr is one the best players to ever play the game and is deeply admired by the Green Bay Packer Fans.


jim taylor 2

Jim Taylor:

Jim was one of the most elusive running backs to ever play the game. He was an up the gut type runner who never shied away from contact. Vince Lombardi loved having him in his backfield because he knew he could always count on him when they needed him most. Taylor was able to bring Packer fans four titles during his time as well finishing his Packer career with an incredible 8,207 rushing yards and 91 touchdowns. Wow, talk about a Hall of Fame Career.



Brett Favre,

Despite briefly playing for the Atlanta Falcons, New York Jets and the rival Minnesota Vikings, Brett Favre is still extremely loved by the Green Bay Packers. The Packers retired Favre’s number in beautiful ceremony on Thanksgiving night in front a sold out crowd at Lambeau Field. Favre was known for his gritty and tenacious attitude on the gridiron. People also referred him as the “gunslinger” because of the cannon of an arm he had. During his career he was able to lead the Packers to back-to-back Super Bowl appearances. In his first super bowl appearance he and Packers defeated the New England Patriots 35-21.



Reggie White:

Reggie White’s stint in Green Bay was not long, but let me say they were sure memorable. He was one of the most dominating defensive figures in the game. Reggie had such a prominent impact on the Packers organizations. During his tenure with them he was named to the Pro Bowl team as well the All-Pro team each of his 6 seasons. In 1998 he was named Defensive Player of the Year. Reggie is a Super Bowl winner and he has the second most sacks in team history.

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